16 May, 2019

The Brand of Bags

Leading Bollywood Diva's endorse a lot of Brands . But if you look at the bag which is considered a style statement you see the leading stars are endorsing the brands. Here is a glimpse of Big handbag brands endorsed by top celebrities.

Anushka Sharma endorses Lavie

Shraddha Kappor endorses one of the popular brand Baggit

Alia Bhatt endorses Caprese

Katrina Kaif endorses Lino Perros.
Katrina Kaif for Lino Perros

And the latest sensation Sara Ali Khan endorses Ceriz. Ceriz has a beautiful campaign She is Ceriz. 
Sara Ali Khan for Ceriz.

02 May, 2019

Wardrobe Rearrangement : The childhood Way.

Before I start writing about the revamped look of my wardrobe I want you all to have a look at my wardrobe.


Yes this is my wardrobe and there are just more dresses in another wardrobe/bed storage . So while doing this activity I found that after cleaning I just keep them in the wardrobe without folding or ironing. Even some brand new clothes with their tags were inside the wardrobe.

So before starting the activity I tried to remember how our Wardrobe was in the childhood. And the clean Sheesham Wood Almirah flashed in my mind. My Papa has one shelf , mother has two and  we brothers had one shelf each. And after the SonDay cleaning the clothes were dried outside and the evening chore was arranging them in our respective shelf. Rarely one will find dresses not in their places. School uniform had their place, daily use clothes had their places and good clothes which we wear to go outside had another place. 

I tried to rearrange the wardrobe the old fashioned way. The rearrangement took a whole lot time than I anticipated. And finally this is how our wardrobe looks.

Although a lot has to be done but still this initiative is a right start in that direction where household chores are no longer will be defined by a gender.

The Learning From this wardrobe exercise.

1. Dont buy excess stuff- Generally during sale days and shopping festivals I tend to buy a lot of dresses because they are at least 50% off to the regular prices. Hence some dresses are there just in the wardrobe with minimal use. But I can remember in our childhood we had limited dresses and we took good care of them and keep them properly.

2. Finish The work- Doing the laundry is half work done. ( when one has a washing machine )  After the laundry there is equal amount of work to be done with respect to drying them and folding back properly to keep in the wardrobe. After moving to a new place although I have been doing the laundry work but the dresses were just kept in wardrobe without folding or ironing. This exercise is a great learning experience and I will try to finish the work.

3. Taking good care of your dresses just like the childhood days. Its high time to deviated from the common practise when we just threw that dress in the sofa or bed and ask mother / wife to clean it iron it etc. Now its time to take care of your own clothes.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

25 April, 2019

How Sunday became SonDay- A True Story.

Some of you might not believe it, but this is very true for me. My mother being a working lady had taught us how to share the load in household works.

I am talking about 1990s, the era when the television was wide spreading with lots of channels. At that time mostly household works were being done by female members of the house and male members were entrusted the outdoor work like physical work, grocery etc.

But our home was an exception to this belief. As both of my parents were working and has a routine 10 to 05 office culture and our schools were 10 to 04 pm our households chores were divided among all the members without any discrimination or preference. Be it cleaning the rooms or dusting. Cleaning utensils, doing puja etc.  Al this things resulted in family bonding and creating the team work culture. All these traits prepared us to face life in hostel and in early stages of career when we had to share rooms in a new city.

Family Vacation Pix.

But Two activity were controlled by my mother they were Cooking and Washing the clothes for the obvious reasons. Because for food she never trusts us as the right quantity , right heat, and right time are the three most important things to make great food and we were not upto the mark. And for clothes my mother believed that if we clean there is chances of spoiling the colour by applying too much of soap and mixing white clothes with coloured ones etc. ( I am talking about that time when we were washing our clothes with our hands )

The other reason why my mother did not trust us because in those times we used to wash our clothes with local washing soaps  ( big yellow bar) which were very harsh for clothes, they ruined the colour, killed the softness and especially cotton and woolen products were the worst affected. 

So, also our loads were being shared but when it comes to Food and Washing it was my mother's work, who has to manage it along with her office.

I can still clearly remember that Sunday, when a lady came to our home with a questionnaire,  and ask how many members were in our home and the demographics and what we use for washing clothes etc. And before leaving she handed over 4 samples of a detergent named Ariel and the lady demonstrated for how much time we have to soak the clothes and separation of the coloured non coloured clothes etc.. 

Although we have tried some other local detergents but that was the first time we used a good quality detergent and the cleaning was really really good.  After that  day two things changed at our home

1. Ariel replaced the old local made soaps  which were never found a place in our grocery list.

2. Washing clothes is no more remained my mothers bastion but we all shared the load. And Sundays become SonDay at our home.

The only thing that remained my mothers exclusive territory was Preparation of Food.

I am writing this blog to write about my belief that household works are no more, mother/wife/sister responsibility.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

P.S. I am unable to upload my pictures with my mother because at those time we had no camera to capture those moments and now for work I am in a far city. So just sharing  old vacation picture.

19 January, 2019

Volkswagen Passat- Luxury You cant give up.

One of the best advertisement I have seen is that of Volkswagen Passat with the catch phrase, Luxury You cant give up.
The ad is a attempt to impress the luxury seeking people with the theme of The monk who sold his Ferrari. The advertisement tries to convey the message that this is one of those luxury which you wont be able to give up.

The advertisement is really shot beautifully according to the theme. The location and the shoot is just superb.

The ad takes small things into consideration like a Monk from Mumbai, Maharashtra ( From the number plate)   is coming to Ladakh or the Himalayas for his self actualization but still could not resist from bringing his Passat.

When the monk gets out from his car it is the revelation of the ad. This scene is so well shot.

If one will not mention the music than it would be unfair. The music take the ads to another level.

The ad is simply superb. watch the ad in the blog.

Tagline of Airlines Quiz

This is quiz about taglines of airlines. We will ask some of the taglines of Indian as well as global airlines. Now let us see how many you can answer ?


1. "Fly The new feeling" is the tagline of which airlines ?

2. "The joy of Flying" with which airline you associate the tagline ?

3. "Go ------. " Fill the blank------ with the name of the airline ? (clue India's number 1 airline in terms of traffic and fleet.)

4. The airlines has been in the news for all the wrong reason in last couple of years. This airline believes that "Fly the good times" Name it.

5. "You are our world" Which airlines tagline is this ?

6. This national carrier uses the catchphrase Truly Indian in its tagline. ( Yes you have guessed it by now)


1. Air Vistara ( A tata and SIA joint venture)
2. Jet Airways
3. Indigo
4. Kingfisher Airlines
5. SriLankan Airlines.
6. Air India : Truly Indian

17 December, 2018

Cadbury Joy Delivery & Give India Brings Cadbury Fundraising.

Recently I am getting sms as well as online banners from Cadbury India about Cadbury Joy Delivery. like this one which says chip in for a good cause.

So out of curiosity I search more about Cadbury Joy delivery and found out this

What is the Cadbury Fundraiser Gift Pack?

As part of our ongoing efforts to support our communities, we are now partnering with GiveIndia to bring you the Cadbury Fundraiser Gift Pack. When you choose to gift your employees, vendors and customers this delicious pack of Cadbury chocolates you are not only giving them a gift they will cherish but also contributing towards the community in a big way. 50% of your contribution to each pack will be donated to a NGO of your choice via GiveIndia. These gift packs can easily be ordered online and priced in various options of Rs. 250 and Rs. 500.

For example the pack of 250 contains-

This gift pack contains 4 bars of Perk 29g, 3 bars of 5 star 22.4g, 4 bars of Cadbury dairy milk 13.2g. On purchase, we contribute Rs. 125 per pack towards Give India for their supported causes.

But The question arises is 4 bars of Perk 29g, 3 bars of 5 star 22.4g, 4 bars of Cadbury dairy milk 13.2g.  is worth the price. ?
Give India logo & website


Go ahead and make your own decision  

15 December, 2018

E-Pharmacy company and their logo, tagline & Brand ambassador.

This blog compilation is about Indian Online Medicine delivery company and their logo, tagline & Brand ambassador. In a short span of time with a bouquet of discount offer like 20% or 30% lot of payment partner discount through Paytm, amazon pay, phone pe these e pharmacy company have got a good number of customers. Besides the convenience is the biggest factor for any online company.
The challenges these e pharmacy companies are facing are consumers perception that the pharmacy are selling expired medicines, fake or counterfeit medicine and handling of medicines while delivery, storage etc.

Now we will have a look at E-Pharmacy company and their logo, tagline & Brand ambassador. 

Netmeds.com is one of the most popular e-medicine company. Indian cricket team's ex captain the captain cool MSD, Mahendra Singh Dhoni endorses this brand.
The tagline of Nemeds is India ki Pharmacy
NetMeds logo

Medlife.com - Boman Irani and endorses this brand the campaign of the brand is  Lafaddu Mat bano, which means be wise while ordering online medicines.
The logo of medlife is below

Pharmeasy- The tagline of this brand is Take it easy.
LifCare- This e medicine company works on subscription model and the tagline of Lifcare is Rishton Ka subscription

1mg-  the tagline of 1mg is India's most loved health app. 
Logo of 1mg

So which e pharmacy company you purchasing from, or still buying from brick and mortar store ?