01 January, 2013

Taglines of condoms.

The Taglines of various condoms in India are as follows, Here most of them are talking about pleasure, excitement,passion etc. Which is your favourite punchline among these brands?

Durex- Do The Rex (The latest campaign in India features Ranveer Singh)
Previously (Love Sex Durex)

Playgard- Play more. playgard condoms is by alcem ltd and real life couple Bipasha Basu and Karan singh Grover endorse this condom

Kohinoor- Ignite the passion

Moods Condom- Your time, your place, Your moods

Skore Condoms- There's a lot to be won

Carex- Ultra Safe

Tulipan Condoms- Fun Now Kids Later

Masti Condom- with the galloping horse....

Zaroor Condom- Gaurav Khanna is in one of the ad.

Kamasutra Condoms- For the pleasures of making love

MANFORCE condom- Excietment she cant hide 
(manforce condom has Sunny Leone as brand ambassador. she is promoting srawberry, coffee, choclate flavours of Manforce condoms.)

Kohinoor XtraNite Condom- Is Raat Ki Subah Nehin. ( the ad where the old man in the Haveli is distrubed by the constant sound throughout the night, and in the morning he finds out that the reason is Kohinoor XtraNite Condom,)

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