07 May, 2016

Tagline of Underwear & Lingerie Brands

Tagline of Underwear & Lingerie Brands

What comes to your mind when you hear Lingerie, is it naughty, stylish, trendy, or the confidence. See some of the lingerie brands and their tagline. Which one you liked most ? Give your opinion in comments.

Amante- Dare to be ?
              - Previously Amante used "Love Yourself"

Zivame.com- make it your lingerie destination.

Enamor- fabuolus, As I am.

Triumph Lingerie- The maker of lingerie since 1886.

Jockey  - Jockey Or Nothing.
              - Previously Jockey used "the next best thing to naked."

Diesel- For successful living.

Amul Macho- bade aaram se.
                     (amul macho is being endorsed by Saif Ali Khan)

Calvin klein- Discover your perfect fit.  (For lingerie)
                   - Mark Your Spot (for male underwear)

Dollar BigBoss underwear- Fit hai boss
     This brand is being endorsed by the Khiladi,  Akshay Kumar.

Lovable Lingerie- it does not have a tagline but rather cities name where its prominent
                            NewYork. Milan. Tokyo. Sydney.

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