12 April, 2017

Durex Jeans ad- Ranveer Singh & Sobhita Dhulipala

On 22nd march Ranveer Singh tweeted this
Durex is launching Jeans! Designed for the passionate! Fits well ;)

Even in some of the magazine and newspaper articles Durex India team informed that Durex is launching a new jeans brand. It seemed a good brand extension into a new product lie and the urban youth was looking forward to some  cool jeans from the contraceptive giant.

On 24 th march 2017 Ranveer Singh tweeted about the launch with the following tweet
Pocket mein Rocket 🚀

and it came out as its a new pack of condom not the jeans.

In the advertisement Ranveer Singh is being seen as in the house testing various furnitures, bathtubs and even the roof top very animatedly.

The Door rangs and there is super hot girl( ex miss India Sobhita Dhulipala) in a low waist torn jeans and short black top collecting her makeup materials and durex jeans condoms lying on the floor.

The voiceover says India's slimmest pack, now fits in very pocket.

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There eyes meet and Ranveer helps Sobhitha in picking up the materials and rest is on your imagination

You can watch the ad here

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