24 November, 2016

Jack & Jones Outdoor campaign featuring Ranveer Singh and the controversy.

Ranveer Singh is now the heartthrob of the advertising industry. Watch any TV channel you will find him promoting something or the other be it the car or breakfast cereals.

See the list of brands endorsed by Ranveer Singh.

But amongst various campaigns one campaign has landed in trouble. The brand in question is Jack and Jones.

They created an outdoor campaign  featuring Ranveer Singh.

See the ad.
The ad is an extension of Jack & Jones latest campaign 
the ad appears to be sexist. And popular bollywood and south actor Siddharth (of Rang De Basanti) criticized the campaign and in microblogging site twitter tweeted that A new low for women's rights in the workplace in India. What were they thinking?

The tweet also evoked the same response and most of the user condemned the ad. As a responsible brand Jack and Jones in damage control accepted the wrongdoing and replied to Siddharth and tweeted that 
We didn't intend to offend anyone with one of our billboards. and withdrawing it immediately.

Now celebrities coming under scanner for wrong brand endorsements have to be more and more careful. because these type of campaigns no matter how eye catchy may be, it will destroy the brand reputation in some days.

Image courtesy Twitter.com

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