02 August, 2017

Cricbuzz latestAdvertisement Boss Wife - Cricket Ka Keeda Lopamudra Raut & Sameer Khakad

Cricbuzz  latest Advertisement  is on the theme Boss Wife - Cricket Ka Keeda starring Lopamudra Raut and Sameer Khakad.

In an lazy afternoon the guys are chilling out with their boss. the Boss role is being played by Sameer Khakhad (aka Khopdi from Nukkad) In the party he introduces his NEW Wife Priya played by top model Lopamudra Raut, (who participated in reality show Bigg Boss 2016). She comes in a red hot gown and looking stunning hot. Everyone is surprised at seeing the boss's new wife. She comes and greets the guys as Hello Boys.

Lopamudra Raur in Cricbuzz ad.

At that moment a guys sarcastically commented what a catch. Everyone looked at him at amusement considering the boss's age and Priyas age difference and the hotness and oldness. Even Priya looks as if embarrassed at this remark.

The guys adjusts the situation by opening the cricbuzz app in his mobile and clarifies that he reacted after the catch. (but the catch lies in Cricbuzz there is hardly any video rather cricket commentary so how he watched the catch and reacted can only be described by the director of the ad.

At the end the boss (Sameer Khakhad) ends the ad with catches win matches.

Watch the ad at
I found the line "new wife" and the what a catch to be a goof up in the advertisement.

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