09 August, 2017

Trapped Film Review (2017)

An Brave attempt for an out of the Box Film

Star Cast
Shaurya (Rajkumar Rao)
Noorie (Geetanajali Thapa)
Director: Vikramaditya Motwane

Shaurya (Rajkumar Rao)  accidentally trapped inside his new house in an litigated high-rise Swarg which is uninhabited, Will he be able to get out of the Apartment, will someone help Or he will be trapped for life ? This constant struggle will keep one in toes throughout the movie.

But some scenes are difficult to digest like for the drop of water he is ready to drink it from the commode, even to the extreme he drank his urine but he could not go to the kitchen where water comes in the morning but there is a mouse. 

watch the trailer

But all in all its a edgy movie with fast pace and in between some scenes from the past in a dreamy sketch with Shaurya and Noorie (Geetanajali Thapa)

Watch the full movie on Amazon Prime.

My Rating 6 out of 10

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