20 October, 2017

Deluge of diwali wishes in whatsapp Like a BOT

So Diwali is over, along with the our taste bud for sweets. 

But one thing is remaining thats loads of whatsapp wishes in past day. Personally this beat new year christmas and all the festivals hands down. I have received hundreds of whats app Diwali wishes  from friends, relatives, colleagues, unknown numbers and tom, dick and harry.

Today curiously while writing this blog searched for Happy diwali and all the images search. I have received everyone of them in my whats app  and many many more.

 image courtesy (Google search for Happy Diwali)

But now the big headache is how to read them and delete them. My gallery is kind of short of space with those delude (kidding)  I have tried to reply them  as much as possible and they kept on coming till late night. So a time came when I stopped bothering to reply them.

Today I found some interesting messages to those delude of wishes. Just have a look.
शुभकमनायें तो इतनी मिल रही हैं कि 1% भी लग जायें तो अंबानी भी हमारा द्वारपाल बन जाये !!

Which means if 1 % of the wishes come true I can keep the richest man as my doorman.
 Another one
भाई कल दो बंदे चाहिए..
दिहाड़ी पे
दीवाली  वाले मैसेज डिलीट करने है...

which reads as i need two man on daily wage basis for deleting my whatsapp messages.

Hope you have  a lesser number of Dipavali wishes. if not best of luck and wishing you all a Happy Diwali. And wishing that next year onwards instead of posting and sending festive wishes like a BoT we could add some human touch.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Makes me wonder how genuine these messages are ! And some of them are impossible to fathom with their imagery etc

    1. Yes. Now we are becoming more like a bot and even wishes are being sent to all contacts without any emotion attached.


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