25 March, 2018

CuttingPaani for a better future.

One of the things which we were told that Air and Water is free. These two things are in abundance given by nature and will be free for life.

So when during the liberalization we heard that water is being sold in bottle we could not believe it. Being form a small town where water bill was monthly eleven rupees ( Yes eleven rupees) an one litre water bottle which costs Rs. 10 was a no brainer. We thought who the hell in this world buys an water bottle for rupees ten. If one is that thirsty he/she should drink a numbu paani/ gnaa juice/ or may be cold drinks but why the hell one needs to buy water bottle by paying rupees ten ?

But when we went to big cities for examination entrance we were proved wrong. water was a rare commodity. It was no more free, unless we eat at a hotel the hotel wont give it free. or else you have to buy by paying Rupees 10.  With time we started to buy that mineral water while travelling. Water was no more free to us. With diseases we had to use candle filters in home but it was not enough in the long run to clean water which has been contaminated in ways non imaginable to us.

Recently for quality water we have migrated to smart water purifier at home, now we are getting good quality water at home. So should we assume that everything is fine ? We have smart purifier which can purify our water and keep us safe  from various diseases. 

But what if there is limited water supply, Most of the people who stay in big cities are facing this, they have water cutting in summer. Limited water supply during other times.So how we can contribute ? sometimes a small step by us will become a big movement. A sms or a missed call by us has created a big movement for various initiatives. 

#CuttingPaani is an Initiative by Livpure to save water, where Livpure the leading water purifier brand appeals to people to take a glass half full, if there is more requirement one can take water as per his/her thirst. But first glass should be cutting to stop wastage of water.

There are three videos which educates us to stop wastage of water at restaurants, offices and our home. do look at them and try to follow.

                    Say yes to #CuttingPaani at office

                  Say yes to #CuttingPaani at restaurants.

                      Say yes to #CuttingPaani at home

I have signed the petition to save water by #CuttingPaani Please sign the Petition at https://www.change.org/p/cuttingpaani

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