04 April, 2018

6 reason Why You should say Yes To The World

6 reasons why you should SAY YES TO THE WORLD

Now a days everyone loves to go outside to see different places either on vacation or for work, but people loves to travel because of easy communication. People love to know different cultures, traditions, food etc. There are several such reason for our travelling or touring. I am sure one does not need a reason to travel but in this age now everyone asks a question why ?  For me the 6 important reason of travelling are as follows.

1. Stress Buster. 
First of all, which is the most common reason behind our most of the travelling is because of the stress in our lives. As a corporate employee, for me travelling and touring is the most relaxing and enjoying moment in my life. We know how things are in our job life. Morning to night work, work and only work resulting in stress and more stress which indirectly affect our health. So for me visiting different places is the major stress buster which helps me to keep me healthy. The idea of going on vacation bring a big smile on my face.

2. Quality time with family
Second reason is those who makes our life beautiful.........F A M I L Y.......Our family means our spouse, our parents and our lovely sweet kids. They are mostly the reason for  whom we plan most of our vacations. Going on vacation with our family is the best thing in my life. To see our family happy is what everyone wants. Kids nowadays loves to go and visit far places (i.e. foreign countries) as its also a way of learning for them.

3. Chilling Out and connecting with Friends
 Third reason is our friends. Travelling with friends is fun. We really enjoy the company of our friends. Friends are the second closest person to us after our family. Travelling and touring with friends makes our tour more enjoyable. 

(image courtes https://alcalde.texasexes.org/2013/09/longhorn-friends-on-a-mountain-in-canada/)

4. Work & Pleasure
 Then comes our official visit. We also travel to different countries for our office related work or training. Official tour are the not for enjoyment but then again its a way to atleast enhance our performance. It helps us to know about different avenues and also provide scope for us to grow.

5. To explore culture & tradition of others
Visiting different countries helps us to learn about different cultures and traditions. It also helps to make new friends. Would not it be fun to see how a Japanese celebrate there various traditions just like a animation film from Japan with beautiful scene straight out of the postcard.

6. Shopping & Food
The most important reason for ladies is a lot of shopping. Who does not know Dubai & Singapore for the superb shopping destinations.Would not it be wonderful to explore various places about what the offer to the shopper in you. If for women its shopping for men the similar level of excitement would be food. There would be hardly any place in the world without a Food Street and some street food culture. Let the foodie in you explore every dining opportunity the world gives you.

So whatever the reason may be Just start packing your bag and Say Yes to the World. and Start Exploration of this beautiful world as they sa, One life is not enough.....
Just watch the wonderful concept by Lufthansa which urges us to Say Yes to the World

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