12 April, 2017

Alia Bhatt & Ranveer Singh Dominating IPL ad charts.

IPL 10 is already a hit if one goes by the ad slot sales figures. As per reports most of the ad slots of Sony Max have been sold and some slot has been reserved for spot buy, needless to say to at a higher price.

You can check out the list of  Day 1 advertisement of IPL 10 which stood out among the plethora of ads here

Day 1 IPL 10 advertisements

After a week of IPL 10 two superstars have dominated the advertisement charts of IPL, they are none other than versatile and bubbly actress Alia Bhatt and  super energetic Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is the brand ambassador of "VIVO"  the title sponsor of IPL 10. In this ad Ranveer Singh is being seen as taking selfie with the vivo phones to win back and propose Leslie Cordoba whom he meets at Budapest.

Alia Bhatt on the other hand has Gionee smartphone which is promoting this time on the theme of Selfistan.

Alia Bhatt has Frooty Fizz to her kitty where she is having the complete screen presence. The ad is aimed at the youth, after the appy fizz with Priyanka Chopra Parle Agro has roped in Alia Bhatt to endorse the Frooty Fizz brand to target the youth segments.

Alia Bhatt has another brand Standard electricals (a brand of Havells) where Standard is promoting as Build for Young energy.

Their dominance can be summed up with the makemytrip ad where both are sharing the screenspace to promote the makemytrip hotel booking advantages.

07 April, 2017

Major Auto manufactures store dealing with preowned cars.

These major auto manufactures have stores which sell pre- owned cars. People choose to buy from these stores for trust and expertise.

They are as follows

Mahindra--- First choice

Maruti --- True Value,

Honda ----Auto Terrace

Toyota- U Trust


Hyundia--- H-Promise.

Image Courtesy Google.com and teambhp.com

05 April, 2017

IPL X Day 1 Advertisements

So IPL X started with a bang with the match between Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Royal Challengers Bangalore at at Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad.

In this blog we will cover about the Day 1 ads which stand out among the plethora of brands advertising in IPL.

1. PolyCabs- Polycabs has embraced a new theme this IPL with Paresh Rawal the brand ambassador using the local dialect and English language to target to the audience. I Guess The ads will use the language of the two teams who are playing the match e.g in the first match Telugu and Kannada might be used. 

2. Vodafone- IPL is incomplete without the Vodafone ads especially Vodafone Zoozoos. In this 10th edition of IPL in the day one advertisements Vodafone is giving tributes. this time in stead of showcasing any of their service like high speed internet or other facilities on day one advertisements Vodafone gave tribute to cricket by a campaign celebrating 10 years of run outs, and celebrating 10 years of huddle.

3. Frooty Fizz- Frooty Fizz has roped in Alia Bhat to promote its latest launch Frooty Fizz. the bubblyness of Frooty Fizz has been compared to that of Alia Bhatt. And it is definitely grabbing the attention of the viewers.

4. Oppo Smartphone- Oppo smartphone which lost the title sponsorship of IPL 10 to Vivo has roped in Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone. Like its previous campaign featuring Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor its promoting the smartphone as a selfie expert. In the ads. Deepika is taking cool selfie of her as well their group with two front cameras.

5.  Vivo Smartphone- The other ads which also have an impact is title sponsor VIVO with its dependable brand ambassador Ranveer Singh, Like Oppo, Vivo is also emphasising on selfie theme where Ranveer Singh is taking smart selfie to win over his girlfriend.

6. Parle Biscuits- with the new theme Naam to Suna hi hoga, how parle is making a plethora of biscuits from salty to buttry to 20-20 and 50-50

7. Amazon India- from last years iconic campaign aur dikhao aur dikhao to latest campaign ye hai apni dukaan Amazon has created some of the memorable ads. This IPL ten amazon has shown how a local cricket team with having only white dresses relies on Apni dukaan Amazon to buy cricket eqquipments and prepare for their path of glory and from  plain white test team to become colourful Chonkpur Cheetah. Aptfully amazon has showcased this IPL as India ki Sapnon ki Apni Dukaan.

Some of the ads which stand out in the IPL season in addition to above are

Makemytrip ad featuring Alia Bhat and Ranveer Singh, 

EFA (education For all) featuring Mumbai Indian owner Neeta Ambani.

Crompton fans with their theme lets hang out ghar pe.

Amul comfy ad with Ajay Devgan.

18 March, 2017

Business Quiz of the Week : March 2017

1. Marico Recently acquired 45% stake a male grooming product brand. Name It ?

2. "Orchestrating a brighter world" Which organisations tagline is this.

1. Beardo

About Beardo

Logo of Beardo

Beardo is owned by  Zed Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd, an Ahmedabad-based company. It was founded by entrepreneurs Ashutosh Valani and Priyank Shah in June 2016.

NEC is a Japanese conglomerate
NEC logo

17 March, 2017

McDonald Twitter and Anti-Trump Tweet and the ensuing response

On 16th March 2016 At 9:16 a.m., the @McDonaldsCorp account tweets at the president: "You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President and we would love to have @BarackObama back, also you have tiny hands.

This tweet was later deleted and McDonalds came up with the following response in its twitter handled. It blamed the above tweet to hackers.

McDonald's‏ @McDonaldsCorp  
Based on our investigation, we have determined that our Twitter account was hacked by an external source. Read more: http://McD.to/60108Zzjy 

Twitter notified us that our account was compromised. We deleted the tweet, secured our account and are now investigating this.

As Usual after these tweets both Trump haters and Trump supporters made the twitter handle famous with their tweet-war.

The Trump supporter asked Mcdonald's  to apologise to Trump or else they wont eat from Mcdonald and the Trump haters asked Mcdonald's to put up the tweet and thy will eat more.

Replying to 
until you apologize to president Trump, I will 

not be eating at your establishment!!!

Replying to 
Offer the proper apology and I will return to eating your food. Investigation is not enough.

Replying to 

Put the tweet back up and I'll buy 200 nuggets 😏

If you don't apologize, I will start eating there daily. My promise

It was super fun to read the tweet war.

17 February, 2017

Sarcasm by Passenger and Indigo's Reply.

A Indigo passenger sarcastically complained about the dealys in flight due to bad planning and tweeted

Well done @IndiGo6E Flight 6E4206! Boarding front row passengers from the back & vice versa! Way to ensure on-time service!

But the airline took it as a compliment and replied
IndiGo ‏@IndiGo6E  Feb15

@ShivAroor Thanks for kind words, Shiv. We wish you a comfortable flight. :)

Later they rectified the tweet by admitting that it was an human error
@ShivAroor Apologies! for the above tweet. It was an human error from our end. We've noted your feedback & will share this with our concerned team.

Nevertheless Twitterati had some funny tweets int his whole conversation. But Indigo also did a great job by admitting their mistake.

16 February, 2017

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